Captain Marvel: Liberation Run Prose Novel (Novels of the Marvel Universe)

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Author: Tess Sharpe
Binding: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781789091656

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Author: Tess Sharpe
Binding: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781789091656
Publisher: Titan Books
Language: English
Page Count: 288
Publication Date: 2/26/2019
Size: 9.5″ l x 6.3″ w x 1″

An all-new original novel in which the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe must free Inhuman slaves imprisoned on a distant world.

Carol Danvers–Captain Marvel–narrowly stops a spacecraft from crashing. Its pilot Rhi is a young Inhuman woman from a group who left for a life among the stars. Instead they were imprisoned on a planet where an enslaved Inhuman brings her owner great power and influence. Horrified by the account, Carol gathers a team–including Ant-Man, Mantis, and Amadeus Cho–and they set out to free Rhi’s people. reviews    Reviews

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ISBN-10: 1789091659
ISBN-13: 9781789091656
Goodreads: 42938239

Publisher: Titan Books
Published: 2/26/2019

When a mysterious spacecraft comes hurtling toward Earth, Carol Danvers—the hero known as Captain Marvel—narrowly prevents it from crashing and killing its mysterious pilot. The young woman, Rhi, is an Inhuman, part of a group who rejected that society’s caste system and left for the stars in search of a new life. What they found, however, was imprisonment on a planet ruled by a cruel patriarchy. There, Inhumans are treated like currency, and possession of an Inhuman girl brings the master great power and influence. To refuse means death, and Rhi has risked everything to seek help. Horrified by the picture the young woman paints, Carol pledges to accompany her back to the planet and pulls together a team of heroes to help. Joined by Ant-Man, Mantis, and Amadeus Cho (Brawn), Carol and Rhi set out to free her family, her people, and an entire planet.

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