Neruda: The Biography of a Poet

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Neruda: The Biography of a Poet
Paperback Unabridged, 26 February 2019
by Mark Eisner (Author)

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Neruda: The Biography of a Poet

Paperback Unabridged, 26 February 2019

by Mark Eisner

  • Publisher :Ecco; Reprint edition (26 February 2019)
  • Language :English
  • Paperback Unabridged, 26 February 2019 :640 pages
  • ISBN-10 :0062694219
  • ISBN-13 :978-0062694218
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  • Dimensions :15.24 x 3.33 x 22.86 cm reviews Reviews

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ISBN-10: 0062694219
ISBN-13: 9780062694218
Goodreads: 37819088

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The most definitive biography to date of the poet Pablo Neruda, a moving portrait of one of the most intriguing and influential figures in Latin American history

Few poets have captured the global imagination like Pablo Neruda. In his native Chile, across Latin America, and in many other parts of the world, his name and legacy have become almost synonymous with liberation movements, and with the language of erotic love.

Neruda: The Biography of a Poet (The Poet’s Calling) is the product of fifteen years of research by Mark Eisner, writer, translator, and documentary filmmaker. The book vividly depicts Neruda’s monumental life, potent verse, and ardent belief in the “poet’s obligation” to use poetry for social good. It braids together three major strands of Neruda’s life—his world-revered poetry; his political engagement; and his tumultuous, even controversial, personal life—forming a single cohesive narrative of intimacy and breadth.

The fascinating events of Neruda’s life are interspersed with Eisner’s thoughtful examinations of the poems, both as works of art in their own right and as mirrors of Neruda’s life and times. The result is a book that animates Neruda’s riveting story in a new way—one that offers a compelling narrative version of Neruda’s life and work, undergirded by exhaustive research, yet designed to bring this colossal literary figure to a broader audience.


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