The Science of Animals: Inside their Secret World (DK)

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The Science of Animals: Inside their Secret World
Hardcover – 26 September 2019
by DK (Author), Chris Packham (Foreword)

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The Science of Animals: Inside their Secret World
Hardcover – 26 September 2019
by DK (Author), Chris Packham (Foreword)

  • Publisher : DK (26 September 2019)
  • Language : English
  • Hardcover : 336 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 0241346789
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0241346785
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See the animal kingdom in all its glory, from jellyfish to polar bears, with up-close details of their unique features from head to toe.

Filled with magnificent photographs that were specially commissioned for this book and cannot be seen anywhere else. Written in association with the Natural History Museum.

This visual reference book starts with the question “what is an animal?” and takes you through the animal kingdom – mammals, reptiles, birds, and sea creatures. It uses a unique head to toe approach that showcases in spectacular detail special features such as the flight feathers of a parrot, the antenna of a moth, or the tentacles of coral.

This visual encyclopedia is filled with clear and fascinating information on everything about the social lives of animals. Read exciting stories, like how animals communicate, defend their territories, and attract mates.

Learn how evolution has helped wildlife to adapt to their unique environments, whether it is the ability to live in difficult habitats, adjust to specific diets or how they work physically.

Humans have drawn and painted animals for thousands of years. The Science of Animals has included some of these, such as early rock art that depicts our awe of the animal kingdom, or natural history artworks such as the ones commissioned by the Mughal Courts in the 1600s.

Dramatic Wildlife Photography

Spectacular, never seen before, photographs that will bring you close to many of the world’s most captivating and intriguing inhabitants. This book offers an extraordinary introduction to the animal world by taking you through chapters that details their diversity.

Go from head to toe in The Science of Animals:
– The animal kingdom
– Shape and size
– Skeletons
– Skins, coats, and armour
– Senses
– Mouth and jaws
– Legs, arms, tentacles, and tails
– Fins, flippers, and paddles
– Wings and parachutes
– Eggs and offspring reviews    Reviews

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ISBN-10: 0241346789
ISBN-13: 9780241346785
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Explore the everyday miracle of the animal kingdom.

With spectacular, studio-quality photography and clear explanations, this book reveals the incredible anatomy, behaviour, and beauty of every type of creature, from hair to scale and whisker to tail.

This elegant introduction to zoology offers interesting views, angles, and close-ups that show you animals in surprising detail. The unique nose-to-tail approach, with chapters on different body parts, allows you to focus in on the beauty of the antenna of a moth, the flight feathers of a parrot, or the feeding tentacles of a jellyfish. It explains how form relates to function - how each feature is an evolutionary answer to the challenges of environment and lifestyle.

Features on key animals combine photography from the field with rounded descriptions of star species. These species are glowing examples of hunting, speed, camouflage, or any topic in question. The Science of Animals also explores how we have depicted animals in art, from zoological drawings that recorded new discoveries to great paintings inspired by a deep connection to the natural world.

With fascinating stories, such as how animals communicate, defend their territories, and attract mates, The Science of Animals offers an engaging introduction to the diversity of the animal kingdom.

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